wind power construction company in Vietnam


A Wind Power Construction Company for All Matter of Wind Farm Projects in Vietnam

We possess all answers for your wind power construction: Wind turbine maintenance and installation, Crane rental, Water transportation rental, Construction equipment rental, and Administrative procedures supporting services.

A Well-rounded Wind Construction Contractor in Vietnam

wind power construction company in Vietnam

Recognizing the limitless wind energy potential as well as the bright path of wind power capability in Vietnam, MBWIND have constantly researched and looked for the overall solutions for the service construction, installation, operating and maintaining the wind farm projects across Vietnam.

We have implemented many successful projects along with offering services installing foundation, offshore substation, submarine cable as well as heavy transportation auxiliary types of equipment for onshore – offshore wind farms sector, field research and administrative procedures support services.

Complete Solutions for Wind Power Construction in Vietnam

Adequately Consulting for Wind Power Construction Projects across Vietnam

We actively assist your wind farm projects from the beginning to the end, including:

Construction and Installation of Wind Power Projects across Vietnam

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MBWIND contractor has constructed, installed many successful wind farm projects in Vietnam. We carry out wind power construction, installation projects onshore – offshore with a team of experienced engineers and full construction equipment. We are committed to deploying the construction in the fastest, safest way.

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Maintenance and Repair of Wind Turbines in Vietnam

wind power construction company in Vietnam

MBWIND services encompass: Checking daily, Oil and greasing the equipment, Checking the performance of the wind post and bearing and connections, Checking air filters, shock absorbers, and ventilation, Surveying the tower foundation, electrical cabinet, the blades and blade pitching, Providing replacement supplies if damage occurs.

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Crane, Water Transportation, Construction Equipment Rental.

wind power construction company in Vietnam

MBWIND contractor can support your onshore and offshore wind farm construction across Vietnam with wide range of large heavy lifting and haulage equipment from crane to water transportation such as barge, tugboat, motorboat, construction equipment site like lighting tower, electric generator, forklift, and tractor-truck.

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The Perfect Partner for Wind Power Construction Company in Vietnam

Comprehensive Wind Power Services: from Transportation to Administrative Advice

In addition to pure construction and operating, MBWIND has extended its services, aiming to provide total support for our partner wind farm projects in Vietnam, include:

Doing Survey Research

Market research and survey, construction site quality, weather conditions, wind, and storms. Prepare reports and make adjustments plans according to detailed statistics and reality.

Transportation and Lifting

Transportation on land, onshore – offshore and further. Lifting and lowering heavy freight, wind turbine component and equipment at construction sites and harbors.

Administrative Support

Implement administrative tasks and duties from pre-construction to post-construction. Solve legal problems that arise, and ensure the work goes smoothly and on schedule.

Equipment Maintenance

Keep the wind turbine and equipment in reliable working order, routine upkeep as well as corrective repair work. Diagnostic testing and routine inspections as directed.

The Wind Power Services Meet the International Quality Standards

wind power construction company in vietnam

MBWIND have established our own quality systems in the construction and providing services process, base on the current international standard.

We are always proud that our equipment and services meet the needs of our clients through an effective quality management system by holding ISO 9001:2015 certification and ISO 45001:2018 certification as well as other international certifications.

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wind power construction company in Vietnam
wind power construction company in Vietnam
wind power construction company in Vietnam
wind power construction company in Vietnam

With professional expertise, well-trained, and a team of experts, long-time technical experts in the profession, MBWIND are committed to providing you with quality, safe and modern equipment and services.

Personnel is equipped with good English skills. We can overcome any language barrier with a great level of English proficiency, meeting communication needs in professional fields as well as consulting and providing information to customers.

Our customer care team is very dedicated, flexible, and available 24/7 to support and answer any questions from customers related to our services and wind power matter in Vietnam and regions.

We are always ready to become Construction Contractor for any Wind Farm Projects in Vietnam


We are always delighted to receive your questions, feedback, and any type of suggestions you might have about wind energy matter

MBWIND experts are available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week by customer desk, live chat & by phone for those times when you need help. Whether you need help with wind power services and heavy transportation for the onshore and offshore wind farms sector we are here to assist you!

For more information or any enquires please get in touch with us via email: or call us for immediate assistance at (+84) 904 629 636.

MBWIND is honored to serve and support you!