Benefits of Cleaning Wind Turbine Blades

Dirty and worn blades are one of the two main causes of turbine performance loss. According to data from the World Wind Energy Association, after cleaning the blades, the turbine will increase in efficiency from 3% to 5% depending on the previous turbine cleaning. Wind turbine blade cleaning is often combined with wind turbine inspection to accurately assess the damage and then provide an appropriate repair plan, especially in a harsh weather area like Vietnam.

Currently with Vietnam’s electricity price of 2,333 VND/kWh, for Vestas 2.0 MW Turbine. The cost of wind turbine cleaning will be covered within 6-8 months after cleaning with a minimum increase of 3% in efficiency. --> So the customer will earn a net profit of 18 months, equivalent to USD 450,000. To optimize costs, customers often use the wind turbine cleaning service that comes with inspection and photography services, evaluate the damaged status of the wind turbine so that the repair plan can be given, if any.

Wind Turbine Cleaning Service in Vietnam


Wind Turbine Blade Cleaning Service At MBWIND in Vietnam

Wind power project owners spend a lot of time figuring out how to produce more electricity, make more money, reduce costs, and get the most out of their wind turbines.

There is one maintenance service that is mostly overlooked, but it can affect the turbine’s power production – wind turbine blade cleaning. Cleaning blades specifically washing turbine blades can improve the amount of electricity produced by your turbine during certain times of the year. In fact, you may find that your power output will benefit from blade cleaning.

Wind turbine blade cleaning is one of the wind turbine services that MBWIND has provided for the past 2 years all across Vietnam. Thousands of wind turbine blades have been cleaned nationwide and regionally. With the hot and humid monsoon climate in Vietnam, there are a lot of insects and especially in the spring, the blooming season of winged insects, we start cleaning the wings and the work continues throughout the summer. When the blades become dirty due to the accumulation of bugs, dust and other forms of debris in the form of grease or hydraulic oil from the engine and other turbine components resulting in reduced turbine power production. Choosing wind turbine blade cleaning service at MBWIND in Vietnam helps investors produce more electricity per turbine and increase the wind turbine’s operating life.

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Wind turbine cleaning service in Vietnam
Wind turbine cleaning service in Vietnam

Full Wind Turbine Cleaning Service At MBWIND in Vietnam

Research data has shown that on average a wind turbine should be cleaned every 4 to 5 years for maximum efficiency and to ensure the best performance. Similar to turbine blades, nacelle or hub is also a part that must be directly exposed to the agents that cause damage and wear, especially in the harsh hot and humid weather of Vietnam. Therefore, in the operation and maintenance of wind turbine farms, the cleaning of wind turbines, including wind turbine blades, nacelle, hubs, etc., should be paid more attention and consideration.

At MBWIND you can find every solution for your wind turbine cleaning needs, not only wind turbine blades, we also support full wind turbine cleaning services for both nacelle and hub. We are fully qualified to operate at all geographical locations, both onshore wind farms and offshore wind farms in anywhere in Vietnam

All methods and chemicals used at MBWIND ensure absolute compliance with all safe, environmentally friendly conditions, without affecting plants, animals, soil as well as people in the vicinity. Ensuring all principles of labor safety, construction safety, providing a wind turbine cleaning service including turbine blades, nacelle, hub,.. package, safety and quality anywhere in Vietnam.

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