Phu Lac Wind Farm Project

Phu Lac Wind Farm Project 1

About Phu Lac Wind Power Project

Phu Lac wind power project is invested by Thuan Binh Wind Power Joint Stock Company, built on an area of ​​400 hectares in Phu Lac commune, Tuy Phong district. The project has a total investment of nearly 1,100 billion VND. The project is divided into 2 phases
Phase 1 of the project has a capacity of 24 MW, using 12 V100 wind turbines, the most modern technology of Vestas – Denmark, each turbine has a capacity of 2 MW. Construction started on July 21, 2015, after more than 13 months of construction, by mid-September 2016, all 12 wind turbines were officially operational and synchronized with the national power grid. All turbine specifications meet stated specifications.
Phase 2, in Phu Lac commune, Tuy Phong district is expected to be completed and generated in October 2021. The project has a capacity of 25.2MW, including 6 turbines with a capacity of 4.2 MW, on an area of ​​8.29 hectares, with a total investment of about 1,020 billion VND, annual electricity output of about 84.7 million Kwh.

Some pictures of MBWIND participating in the project

phu lac wind farm project 01 phu lac wind farm project 02 phu lac wind farm project 03


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