Wind turbine Generator: Wind turns magical energy

wind turbine generator

Wind turbine Generator: Wind turns magical energy

It seems the Wind turbine Generator is no longer an unfamiliar noun. Even more, families see this as a great supply of energy. So you know what the mini wind turbine generator is? What is a mini-wind installation trend? What is the future of mini wind turbines? Let find out with MBWIND what’s next:

What is a mini Wind turbine Generator?

The miniature Wind turbine Generator is the epitome and simplification of wind turbines used for large-scale wind works. It’s because it’s designed with a small size, so only at the speed of two m / s, these mini wind generators can work. However, they can only generate electricity with small power, between 100w – 10. 000w, which is equivalent to selling prices between several million and several hundred million dong depending on the amount of electricity that can be produced

wind turbine generator
What is wind turbine generator

In general, mini wind turbines work similarly to large-size wind turbines, thanks to the creation of the main components such as a Wind measuring unit, propeller, controller, brake (brake), gearbox, generator, housing, rotor, support post, wind deflector, turbine guide, wind direction.

The Wind turbine Generator has a fairly simple operation. The turbines will operate when the wind speed reaches the level of demand: the wind turbines borrow the wind to convert the kinetic energy into muscle and thus continue to convert muscle into electricity. Thanks to the thrust of the wind, the propellers will revolve around a drive rotor that rotates the main axis to start the generator and by that power source.

With small and medium capacity, mini-turbine generators are often installed to provide daily life power, or for days of a power outage.

The trend of installing mini wind power:

In the context of fossil fuels running out, renewables are rising, and wind energy is also natural. It is easy to see, with many outstanding advantages such as: generating a very low cost of electricity, durable equipment, insignificant operating costs, and can generate a stable power source, After being independent for a long time, wind power is gradually becoming popular with households, being the target of resorts, and industrial and export processing zones.

The tendency to install mini wind power has received a lot of interest, for example in the installation of mini wind turbines for:

For household:

Together with clean energy and savings, many families also choose wind as an optimal alternative to a power supply. Depending on the demand and use purposes, households shall select mini-turbine generators that have appropriate performance.

If you still want to use the traditional power grid and only use wind as an auxiliary tool for small activities such as water pumps, water plants, in the garden, charging small electrical devices such as laptops, lights, and electrical appliances, you just need a turbine with about 400 – 1000 W.

For families who want to fully use wind power sources to serve all electricity demands for their families. From the phone charge, until the use of fans, televisions, refrigerators, and refrigerators are likely to consider wind turbines powered by 1000w – 3000w. Some families combine wind power and solar power to create an electricity grid, use both day and night, serving daily life tasks.

For the resort:

Similar to households, resorts are also gradually tending to choose clean energy sources for their business activities, both to save costs and at the same time to help protect the environment. However, to maintain operations and serve business activities, resorts are forced to consume millions of kWh per year. It is easy to see that the cost of using electricity is a very significant figure in the context that our country is still short of electricity supply. Therefore, many places have found themselves an optimal path, which is to use renewable electricity sources, and natural energy sources, and all are still stopping at using solar energy.

Indeed, for Wind turbine Generator to provide enough millions of kWh per year for resorts, it is a very difficult task. However, no difficulty can fall into a dead-end if we try to find the right solution, so let’s promise that one day not far away, wind turbines can have widespread coverage, to serve the needs of our customers. Good service needs of resorts and resorts.

For the industrial zone:

Currently, when the country enters the industrialization, modernization, and industrial zones, the development of the growing day expands to the scale and organization, which means the electricity consumption needs to be consumed rapidly. Annually, an industrial production establishment consumes hundreds of millions of kWh. Therefore, to meet the need for use and maintenance of the facility, the main power supply is still from coal, hydropower, and natural gas. It is also easy to see that power from the Wind turbine Generator is difficult enough to meet the production needs of industrial parks. For industrial zones, Vietnam’s export processing zone can turn itself into a renewable energy source such as wind, perhaps a very long process.

With the long-term strategy and vision, MBWIND has always studied and sought optimal solutions for the Vietnamese energy network, and wind turbines are one of the products that receive the attention of experts as well as MBWIND’s customers. MBWIND is ready to answer all your questions and needs about the mini wind turbine generator product. Therefore, if you are interested in this product, please pick up the phone and call us immediately at the hotline: +84 904 629 636 or contact us via email: for 24/7 advice and support!

MBWIND appreciates your concern!

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